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Louisiana- Advanced Thinking about Toxic Mold

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6-17 $24.95
18-24 $39.95
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51+ $49.95 + $2.00 per
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Approved For:

  • Property and Casualty

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State CE Requirements

CE Course Description

Mold is a subset of fungus (so, a sort of genetic “cousin” to mushrooms) that can grow on almost any substance, as long as water, oxygen and some form of organic nutrient are present. There are thousands of different types of mold and humans normally encounter them every day.

There are many different species of mold that grow in homes, office buildings, and other places where people live and work. Some are benign, but others are toxic. They can be difficult to detect or remove, and they can cause not only expensive structural damage to buildings, but also serious illness or even death to people exposed to them.

As an insurance agent, it’s important to understand the dangers and possible liability issues inherent in cases of toxic mold infestations. This course will give you a detailed understanding of how the law has been known to treat liability cases involving mold infestation—and how mold coverage is dealt with in various types of insurance contracts. Topics addressed include:

  • An overview of past cases and legal precedent involving toxic mold.
  • Policy form issues relevant to mold.
  • E&O liability risks for insurance professionals.
  • Risk management steps for dealing with mold.

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Required CE Hours for Renewal in Louisiana

CE Hours

  • 24 hours every 2 year renewal term including 3 hours of ethics.

    • Life, Accident & Health
    • Property and Casualty
    • Personal lines



    • Property, casualty, and personal lines must include a 3 hour CE course on flood.

Special Training/Education Requirements (LTC, Flood, Ethics, others)

  • Long Term Care -LTC

    • Agents wishing to sell Long Term Care are required to take a one time only 8 hour Department of Insurance certified course
    • Each license term thereafter each agent must complete a 4 hour Long Term Care Partnership CE course that is approved by the department.
  • Flood Insurance Training

    • The twenty-four hours of continuing education hours required for producers licensed for one or more of the lines of property, casualty or personal lines shall include a minimum of three (3) hours dedicated to the subject of flood insurance.

How Hours are Reported

  • CE completions are submitted electronically the next business day after a passing completion is acquired.

License Renewal Term

  • Life, Health and Accident license renewals are every even numbered year on the last day of the agents birth month.
  • Property anc Casualty license renewals are every odd numbered year on the last day of the agents birth month.

Course Type approved for Continuing Education

  • Online courses
  • Independent Self-study
  • Classroom Study

Final Exam

  • Final exams do not need to be monitored.
  • Final exams are open book.
  • A passing grade of at least 70% required to pass the course.

Carryover CE Hours

  • A maximum of 10 CE credits may be carried over from one renewal term to another.

Repeating Courses

  • Courses may NOT be taken for credit more than once in each renewal period.

Completion Certificates

  • Certificates of completion are available as soon as a course is completed with a passing grade. Certificates should be printed and kept on file.


  • Newly licensed agents for the first reporting period are exempt.
  • Non-residents, if they are in compliance with their CE in their home state.

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